Technical Analysis an advanced tool for traders

Success in the stock market can reap huge benefits and perhaps this unpredictability of the stock market is what attracts many who come with the hopes of making a fortune as well as scares those who seek security over profits. But when it comes to the scientific analysis and study of the stock market, studies have shown that it is not that unpredictable at all if you have a clear direction of where you are doing and have the proper knowledge and knowhow of how this gigantic face paced money market works.

Though people who have knowledge of finance have an edge over those of other streams when it comes to applying certain skills in the stock market, it is not impossible for others to learn the tricks and strategies to make a sizeable income. And here comes the study of ‘Technical Analysis’ which is a very important tool and one that you should have to build a successful career as a trader in the ever fluctuating stock market.

While there a plethora of resources from where you can learn technical analysis but it is recommended to take a structured effort so as to save time and learn what works and what not from the industry experts and save yourself from a ton of misinformation. If you are a resident of the economic capital of our country, then train 2 trade is the best place for technical analysis courses in Mumbai. With customized courses from beginner to the pros train 2 trade helps you learn the ins and out of the stock market industry with time cycles, equity charts, training modules all crafted and operated by industry leaders who will guide you through the entire process. Apart from the excellent course material, flexible timing and affordable packages enable you to learn as per your time and convenience. Long distance online courses in a variety of languages like English, Hindi, Gujrati, Marathi etc. removes the language bar and any excuses that you might have come between you and your success.

Train2trade has 3 tiers of programs starting from the very basics to the pro user:

1. Technical Analysis Course

  • For aspiring or new trader/investor, finance students or candidates wishing to work for a financial institution
  • Duration: 5 sessions 1.5 hours each for 2 weeks
  • Course syllabus consists of basic concepts, techniques and methods of technical analysis, difference between technical and fundamental analysis, Dow theory, construction of candle-stick patterns, practical significance, stop loss method etc.

2. Semi-Advanced Technical Analysis Course

  • For traders/investors, market fresher’s, people working in financial institutions
  • Duration: 10 sessions 1.5 hours for 1 month
  • Course includes basic plus advanced concepts of charting. It is designed to impart knowledge so as to enable participants in effective decision making and sustained profit over long time. Along with that 45 important reversal and continuation patterns like Hangman, Shooting star, Doji etc, use of momentum indicators like RSI, Volume Analysis, Stochastic Oscillator etc. , Global economic data analysis, Fibonacci projections and retracements to identify long term and short term targets etc.

3. Advanced Technical Analysis Course

  • For seasoned traders/investors, people working in financial institutions etc.
  • Duration: 14 sessions 1.5 hours for 1.5 months
  • The course includes 1:1 personalized training to individual traders and investors. Along with the course of the semi-advanced course it also includes the difference between Heike nashi and candlestick patterns, use of Gann Fan, Elliot Wave Theory, impact of global equity markets on Indian markets and many more.

Plus, all the courses comes with lifetime support in terms of doubt solving and queries. Log on to today!

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