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Course Objective:

To create/increase awareness about the importance & benefits of trading in commodity and currency markets.

Course Duration: 3 Weeks

Program Fees:

Rs 22,000/- per student

Group Training:

2 Students: Pay RS.36,000 Only!

3 Students: Pay RS.48,000 Only!

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Students
  • Corporate Executives
  • Analysts
  • Employees of Brokers and Sub-brokers
  • Anybody having interest in the Commodity & Currency markets

When it comes to dealing with currency and commodities market, it can get really tough.Currency markets being highly influenced by global factors & economies, trading profitably can be complex. Train2Trade has been offering the most immaculately designed currency course in Mumbai that emphasizes on simple & profit making strategies. These strategies are the key to understand the classification between commodity & currency markets. The commodity course in Mumbai covers all the important aspects to make sustained profits in the commodity futures markets in India. We filter the most fundamental queries asked by the leading traders and innovators and systematically include them in our commodity trading classes.

We at Train2Trade, have achieved finesse in conducting smooth and efficient commodity market training in Mumbai by virtue of our expertise in understanding the pillars of important risk management strategies. Our Commodity market trading classes have opened floodgates for the individuals willing to explore the career avenues as Commodity Research Analyst, Technical Analyst, Commodity Advisor, Credit Analyst, Business Analyst, Forex Manager and Risk Manager.

We go over the Global commodity markets with elaborate research. The same approach is followed in developing the contents for Commodity Market Training program for global commodity markets. Concepts and definitions for respective markets are discussed with relevant examples. All the mechanisms are studied using graphs and statistical tools with participants from a practical perspective. We are the best Currency Market Training in Mumbai owing to our special modules related to Hedging and Speculations. It is aptly supported by the discussions and case studies on regulatory framework that govern the commodities and currency markets. Once you pick pace with the management of micro and macro factors, we conduct live day trading classes where you can analyse the market and vouch for new trading opportunities.

With Tips2trade, it is all about Empirical Learning!!!

Course Content-Commodity:

  • Introduction to Commodity Markets – Introduction to Agri & Non Agri Products, Indian Commodity Market Status and Prospects, Global Commodity Market Dynamics.
  • Commodity Exchanges –Trading Mechanism, Role of Market Intermediaries, Commodity Specific Exchange or Multi-Commodity Exchange. Synergy between Equity & Commodity Markets, Migration from one market to another. Product and Market Knowledge
  • Delivery based trading in commodities with elaborate explanation of the entire process
  • Commodity Derivatives – Difference between Spot, Forward, Futures & Options market, Rationale of Commodity Futures; Developments & Trends in Indian Commodity Markets; Options & Futures & Utility; Commodity Price Risk Management; Pricing of Commodity Futures.
  • Fundamental Analysis – Domestic & Global factors impacting commodity prices, Global & Indian data to be tracked from a commodity perspective, Impact of world equity markets on commodity prices.
  • Trading Mechanism: How to place BUY/SELL & Stop Loss orders. Modifying existing orders & understanding of Open Interest in each of the commodity contracts.
  • Trading Strategies – Trading Strategies to be adopted for each commodity, Trend analysis & strategy to maximize profits on a daily basis.

Course Content-Currency:

  • Introduction to Currency Markets – History of foreign exchange markets, Major currency pairs, Overview of international currency markets, Derivatives as a risk management tool.
  • Fundamental analysis – Local & global factors affecting currency markets, Fixed v/s Floating Exchange rate regime.
  • Trading Mechanism – Difference between Spot, Forward, Futures & Options market, Quotes, Tick size, spreads.
  • Trading Strategies for profits – Trend analysis & strategy to maximize profits on a daily basis
  • Lifetime support in terms of solving doubts/queries if any.

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Commodity & Currency Fundamental Analysis Course

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Course Objective: To create/increase awareness about the importance & benefits of trading in commodity and currency markets. ...